Community Supported Retreat (CSR) Model

Why become a CSR member?

CSR Members:

1.    get discounted rates on their stays

2.    can have up to 2 people share a hermitage for the price of one.


3.    get priority scheduling and can       schedule up to one year in advance (September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019)

4.    can reserve the whole farm for retreats or special gatherings

5.    become part of a listening community with invitations to CSR gatherings and events.

6.    support the mission of The Fields of “fostering healing, education and connection for individuals, community and Earth” and the ongoing care and availability of this beautiful, sacred land on which the farm rests.

Similar to community supported agriculture (CSA), where individuals or organizations purchase a share of produce for a season, annual Community Supported Retreat (CSR) members receive a "share" of overnight stays at Wellsprings Farm.  Like the CSA, the CSR is a creative, local economic model rooted in reciprocity and connection.  In its best form, the Community Supported Retreat (CSR) model allows for more direct and meaningful relationship to the land and to one another. 


To the best of our knowledge this is the first Community Supported Retreat (CSR) model in the country.


Our CSR memberships are now open for 2019-2020 year! 

There are different levels of membership now available. 

Full membership is 20 nights,

Half membership is 10 nights,

Quarter membership is 5 nights.


Please contact us  for more information regarding annual Community Supported Retreat- CSR memberships or click here for our CSR  Membership Form


A warm thank you to all the founding members who love the land and believe in the model!

* In addition to CSR memberships, The Fields at Wellsprings Farm continues to set aside 40 overnights for people/organizations that cannot typically afford retreats or retreat space.


We also have overnight stays available for guests who are not CSR members.

Feel free to contact us to find out more, or 

How It Works


The annual members are invited to:


  1. Receive 5/10 or 20 nights/days at Wellsprings Farm (September 1-August 31)

  2. Listen deeply and respectfully to self, others and Earth.

  3. Participate in Cooperative Community Gatherings two to four times a year to:

    • Discern individually and together what the land, the community, and these times may be asking of us — especially for this first year so deeper visioning  and planning come from this grounding.

    • Share the questions, insights and challenges  that rise from this listening and discerning with one another to shape inspired responses and actions.

  4. Support one another in wise action, personally or collectively.

  5. Celebrate and learn through seasonal rituals and education events throughout the year (friends and families are welcome).

  6. Engage in caring for the land through gardening, managing the prairie, creating a sacred springs healing garden, clean-up days and other fun and meaningful activities (friends and families are welcome).

  7. Support the mission and vision of Wellsprings Farm which is to foster healing, learning and connection for individuals, community and Earth.