Community Supported Retreat (CSR) Model

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Similar to community supported agriculture (CSA), where individuals or organizations purchase a share of produce for a season, annual Community Supported Retreat (CSR) members receive a "share" of overnight stays at The Fields at Rootsprings. 


Like the CSA, the CSR is a creative, local economic model rooted in reciprocity and connection.  In its best form, the Community Supported Retreat (CSR) model allows for more direct and meaningful relationship to the land and to one another. 


To the best of our knowledge this is the first Community Supported Retreat (CSR) model in the country.


 CSR memberships will open soon with The Fields at Rootsprings!  

There are different levels of membership 

Full membership is 20 nights,

Half membership is 10 nights,

Quarter membership is 5 nights.

A warm thank you to all the founding members who love the land and believe in the model!