The Farm

Wellsprings Farm is 40 acres of diverse, beautiful landscape with three inviting, cozy hermitages.


The Prairie Dome overlooks the 15 acres of native prairie and the seven circuit labyrinth.

Spacious interior with loft.  Sleeps 1-4.


Wind Rise sits atop a hill with an expansive view of the prairie and French Lake. 

Includes a loft and porch with heated floor. Sleeps 1-3


The House of Clare has southerlyview of the pond, with its own dock

leading to the water includes porch with heated floor.  Sleeps 1-2

(All hermitages have air conditioning, fireplace, compost toilet, small refrigerator

and kitchen items such as coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, hot plate etc. 


The Wellness Center & Welcome Center is the hub of the farm. It welcomes all with its open, light filled space and glorious views of the spring-fed pond at the heart of the property.  This shared space has a flush toilet and shower as well as a kitchenette, library and meditation area.


The walking labyrinth is seven circuit labyrinth laid out in the native prairie grasses on the southeast side of the property, its path leading always to the center.


The sacred path through the woods lies to the west.  One is greeted by shade and the surprise of a natural spring flowing out of the earth, gently making its way down a slope to the pond.


The red barn is home to chickens and other animals at various times.


The gardens and orchard provide a beauty and richness to the farm and are an integral part of our commitment to sustainability. We hope to expand these areas using organic, permaculture principles.

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